meaningful text description of image


Taking a piece of text, either written or spoken and create a sequence that compliments, enhances or subverts the content. The text will need to be analysed so that it may therefore work with the imagery. This brief allows the outcome to reflect narrative and will need to have prior thought into the target audience as well as the soundtrack. Additional deliverables needed will be a storyboard and a short motion graphic sequence between 20 seconds and two minutes.





Between the website design and the motion graphics, I definitely struggled with the latter. I found the skills that I learnt to be great stepping stones to learn more and not feel as lost when tackling the foreign software. I especially wanted to take what had been learnt in regard to kinetic typography and see how I could develop that. I wanted to do the motion graphics on a serious note to challenge myself. I do feel as though this put me out of my comfort zone, which was enjoyable as trying different styles and methods is an area of mine in which I’d like to improve so I don’t feel as hesitant or doubtful when approaching tasks.

The major problem I faced was a lack of context, once this was explored the piece gained traction quicker. As well as this, I need to improve on my initial ideas and research. The lack of this meant I changed my project aesthetically which overall slowed my progress down.

What I have discovered from this project is the ability to produce a piece in a short amount of time, with the inclusion of learning the software and making process. I found from introducing myself to this that other software was picked up quicker allowing me to make up for lost time.