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Produce three posters for the same film. Each poster will use iconography and visual grammar appropriate for the individual audiences, from this a tone of voice will be developed to suit each area. The three areas of investigation will explore "The Narrative", this will take the story into context to be further developed into poster imagery. "Actor", actors are often used a selling points as they target specific audiences. Finally a poster aimed at "Film Buffs", this will take on a more abstract opinion of the film to seem deep and enticing to those with a strong love of films.



The narrative needed to convey elements of the story without giving away the whole plot. Therefore, I looked into strong imagery from the film and chose the moment Ava touched a recreation of her own face, depicting her understanding that she was not the first. This combined with a broken, glitched print allowed the shattered nature to be presented.



This was my initial design for the Film Buff, until reworking my initial ideas. This plays off of the dialogue of Ava and Caleb’s first interaction.

These two complex characters like to blur the lines.

Who’s story was being told?



To continue a running theme within my work, I again went with the glitched effect idea. This worked well for the actor one, of whom I’d chosen to use a portrait of Domhnall Gleeson, as a stronger following of him existed at the time when compared to Alicia Vikander. The simple image, illuminated with the colours gave a deeper feel to the feature that I feel benefited the whole composition.

Film Buff


“One day the AI’s are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons.”

The progress of man was an interesting concept to explore, especially when applying it to the progression of the character ‘Nathan’ and his list of failed attempts to create the perfect AI. All of these taking on the idea of a step forward, in hopes of reaching the desired outcome.