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This brief required me to design and build an online identity. This will need a minimum of six projects and should aim to create an experience to the user. This user could be a casual viewer or a potential employer and therefore should express my position as a designer. This should all present itself as a portfolio and also include an “about me” section.


Initial Ideas





This project allowed me to learn a great deal about myself in regard to learning ability and the transfer from creativity to a foreign digital medium. I found myself surprised at how much I enjoyed working on the website. Finding an internal desire to learn more and apply it to the site made the entire experience a tough but rewarding process. The challenges I faced didn’t deter me but instead allowed me to learn how to overcome the obstacles and create new methods in which brought me to the same result.

In terms of creating an identity through the website, I tried to keep the colour scheme very neutral and monochromatic. This would allow projects added at a later date to follow a template in which I could follow. The biggest issue I found was trying to apply a mouse rollover onto the tiled images located on the index page. It was one of these issues that having a ‘buddy’ to user-test came in handy. This allowed a second set of eyes to look through my code and point out small errors that I’d missed in my searching.

This overall was a project I didn’t expect to click with so much. I’ve learnt invaluable skills that I want to continue to expand and grow. Not only was the coding element expansive but the method of preparation allowed me to create a plan of action and see the outcome within seconds. Hopefully these will help me in other areas of graphic design.