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Speechbubble 01
Speechbubble 02


After receiving the brief, I knew that I wanted to do a play on the theme of “text”. Therefore, in my initial sketch designs I played around with the various speech bubble designs. My aim for this was to try and create some animatic.

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These designs were originally sketched but I used the Adobe Capture app to transfer then onto various Adobe software. I did this in order to see how I could edit them to have a smoother edge.

12 principles of animation


During a studio session a light was shone upon the world and history of animation. These 12 steps allowed for my idea to grow in possibility. As well as this the workshop was incredibly useful by giving an insight into stop-motion and how small changes to the shape of an object can signify an event or motion.



I got the text for the script from reaching out to a girl involved in the ‘Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’. This is a condensed version of a conversation she had with her sister whilst the shooter was active. The aim of the motion graphic is to touch the emotions of the viewer and hopefully raise awareness.

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Above is a summarised visual description of the storyboard. This showed the test appearing and the various changes that would happen to the background during the sequence.


An issue I did encounter during the construction of the motion graphic was that it wasn’t very demanding and once the first few frames were created; the process seemed to be a copy and paste matter. I felt this didn’t represent my skills and therefore took my idea and tried to redesign it into a unique and interesting format.

Storyboard 2.0
Storyboard 2.0


This is the new storyboard I worked off of. I did this one slightly different to the previous as I instead tried to show it as a sequence. This new idea would be similar to a digital stop-motion, therefore I wanted to show what would be happening on each frame. This gave me a better understanding and I also benefitted extremely whilst making the animation.

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The final stage in the creative process was sound. From the outset I’d had a mental idea of merging together a variety of different news broadcasts reporting on the shooting. I hoped that the rise in volume, accompanied with what the clips were saying would create a looming sense of urgency. This, in my opinion, complimented the visuals allowing for a smooth viewing.