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Initial Ideas



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CSS is a large part of the website project. Using a variety of different grid methods for each page allowed a different substance and allowed for a user’s eyes to travel across the entire screen without continuous scrolling. As this would be the outcome if some structure wasn’t applied.

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During the HTML workshops I was introduced to resizing images for the screen. Whilst some older screens are 960px in width, newer screens have evolved to be twice as big, therefore making the width 1920px. I initially didn’t fully understand the point of resizing as I’d found images to still work without this step. However, then noticed the loading time to drastically increase as it tried to manage the images.

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Planning out a simplistic design on paper definitely helped. Due to not having any prior coding experience I realised I needed to find a balance between my usual style of designing and what would actually be achievable. This did develop as I did more of the individual pages as I learnt new techniques.